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These are the reviews in English.

Annette O. (Hoofddorp) (translated by us from Dutch):
What a discovery! I started using these pastilles not so long ago, using 3-4 pastilles per day and am enthusiastic. I can't as yet say much regarding the anti-inflammatory function but by letting the pastilles dissolve slowly, they help reduce the dryness in the mouth exceptionally well. It suits me better than using artifical saliva and it tastes better, similar to a candy. The mouth feels fresh and clean. I feel good that Dr. Heger is including this product in his curcumin research and I am very curious about the results.

Ton Claessen () (on FB, translated by us from Dutch):
Hydrogel pastilles are a significantly better way of optimising the bio-availability of the active component, curcumin, in the body.

Antje B. () (translated by us from Dutch):
Last year since I was confronted with this disease, I quickly became aware of the excellent working of turmeric. Used this already in the early stages as capsules and now as pastilles. Having used this for a few weeks, I can say that they suit me well. Yes, you could sometimes swallow the pastille if you are not alert, but who cares. It is all about how it works.

Hans v. H. () (translated by us from Dutch):
Tried this form of curcumin delivery during the past days. It is certainly remarkable if curcumin can be buccally absorbed into the blood. So not through the stomach and intestines any more. I can say that the lozenges are pleasant to suck; the taste is fine too. You have to get used to keeping the lozenges in the mouth as long as possible. But you get used to it quickly. (You can also keep the lozenge under the tongue for a long time). Buccal absorption sounds logical (some medicines are also taken like that). I hope to be informed soon through research, how much curcumin is actually absorbed.

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