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SPECIAL OFFER! Now €3 per box


Retail outlets in The Netherlands
Curcuma Hydrogel® Pastilles are available at most retail outlets in The Netherlands (MRP €5 per box of 10 pastilles). Click here (this site is only in Dutch) to order and choose the outlet in The Netherlands where you can pick up and pay for your order.

Order directly from us SPECIAL OFFER! Now €3 per box
You can order Curcuma Hydrogel® pastilles from us for €3 per box of 10 pastilles.

Quantity: 10 boxes = 100 pastilles (€30)
20 boxes = 200 pastilles (€60)
30 boxes = 300 pastilles (€90)
40 boxes = 400 pastilles (€120)
50 boxes = 500 pastilles (€150)
Name receiver:
Phone number:

You can transfer the total order amount to NL 67 INGB 000 4601 076 in favour of Vera Natura B.V. in Veenendaal with your name, postal code and house number as description. After receipt of your payment, your order will be dispatched. Free delivery within EU, outside EU +€18.